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PCI-e slot, 8 Rate compress hardware, Can Recorder 280 hours /G HDD
(Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson, Harris, NEC, Mitel, Nortel, Samsung, Siemens, Toshiba, Tadiam, Tecom )

  • Support DTMF/FSK incoming CallerID, Support Incoming CallerID Popup​​​​
  • Consists of the incoming customer management system to recognize the incomers and the Popup Screen
  • Support monitor the conversation for every line on the real time by LAN
  • Supports three recorder mode : Phone, Audio, Key
  • Support list and print all the dialed-in, dialed-out and missed calls
  • Can record the direct call. Support the simultaneous recording for the direct phone and extension
  • Supports auto-backup, FTP back up the files onto the burning ROM, supports the auto fold repeat.
  • The outward phone cables, extension cables, ISDN catalogue cables, output cables for the wireless interphones
  • Alarm information displayed on the screen or in the e-mails when e meeting abnormal situation (cable broken)
  • Support WAV format saving.
  • Support inquire, play and monitoring from the network.